What We Do

Urbanlife is a full service worldwide distribution channel for independent artists and record labels. We distribute and publish your content to every major online retailer, streaming service, music application and mobile carrier. In addition, we offer sales of your physical products (CDs, DVDs, clothing, and other related items) to independent retailers, including Rapbay.com.

We turn emerging artists into established artists every week, and we are always looking for new artists to work with. We collect your royalties from each service/retailer, generate a monthly report of your earnings, and pay you every month.

We distribute your music to hundreds of digital service providers including...

Who We Are

Urbanlife Distribution was founded in February 2001 in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. For 14 years, Urbanlife Distribution has been specializing in selling CDs to retail outlets across the globe. In 2006, Urbanlife Distribution began to distribute digital products. Today, we work directly with hundreds of independent artists and over the past 14 years we have a vast and extensive network in the music and entertainment industry.

We are always excited to work with new clients.

New Releases

Stevie Joe - Block Statue III

HD - The O.N.E.

Shady Nate - MFL

Joe Blow - You Should Be Paying Me 2

C-Murder - The Hits

Artist Spotlight


Davina has propelled her career and set a standard that all independent artists should aspire to emulate. She is a hard working and successful artist with a true presence in the latino hip-hop community. Her latest album, Welcome To My Realm, is available now on Rapbay.com, iTunes, or the Google Play Store.

HD of Bearfaced

HD's career started with Urbanlife and he has grown his own label into a model for independent artists. His background and insatiable work-ethic combine for a great story, and his catalog proves it. His latest release, Team Guapale, is available now on Rapbay.com, iTunes, or the Google Play Store.


Ampichino is a widely known artist hailing from Akron, Ohio, having released several collabo albums with Bay Area greats The Jacka and Berner. He recently started hosting mixtapes of local up-and-coming talent. His latest release, The Eulogy, is available now on Rapbay.com, iTunes or the Google Play Store.

Stevie Joe

Stevie Joe, an original member of Livewire, has always had a presence both in the studio and the streets. Everyone heard his chorus on the track "Ready To Ride" after Marshawn Lynch played it after Super Bowl 48. His latest release, Lovewire Vol. 4, is available now on Rapbay.com, iTunes or the Google Play Store.